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unigo微流体控制泵 the unigo™ microfluidic pump is a precision, microfluidic, single-channel pressure pump for a variety of microfluidic applications, where accurate and stable flow rate delivery is required. the pressure pump component is based on controlled air injection. the unigo™ pump requires a plug-and-play flow sensor for active feedback and increased flow control. smartflo application executed on the ipad mini or labview based interface communicates with up to 4 unigo™ microfluidic pumps racked together allowing simultaneous control and independent programming of each pump’s flow profile. uniquely, the unigo™ may be docked together with the exigo™ microfluidic syringe pump combining the best features of both unigo™ and exigo™ in one microfluidic set-up. note: it is compulsory to purchase a flow sensor with the unigo pump.



  • 2 modes of pumping: manual flow rate set or preprogrammed flow rate operation.
  • preprogrammed mode includes: constant, ramp, step, sine functions.
  • wi-fi communication with ipad mini software.
  • usb communication with labview based pc control software.
  • tactile power switch.
  • leds for power / status information.
  • side port connections to dock up to 4 pumps (combination of unigo and exigo) into one setup.
  • volumetric flow rates: 1 µl/min – 1 ml/min.